Access Control and Networking…Amplified to the Next Level

Posted by JR Andrews | Mar 19, 2018 1:26:55 PM

Don’t let the definition of the word amplify fool you. While the audiophiles of the world may believe it’s all about sound, the synonyms for the word amplify prove it to mean so much more. For the security industry, emerging technologies enhance the deployment and serviceability of access control installations, increase the reach of network security devices, and raise the bar for future technological developments.

With new access and power integration solutions, system design gives way to expanding the number of devices and their associated power supplies while decreasing the amount of valuable wall space required. The ability to leverage access controllers and accessories from the industry’s leading suppliers along with mission critical power for large systems leads to amplified profits. Features incorporated into these solutions such as customizable backplanes provides integrators with the ability to lower labor costs. Configuring these integration solutions with Altronix power supplies and preferred access control devices, and testing them prior to deployment, reduces installation time and costs.

The reach of security has been amplified tremendously with the advent of hybrid fiber. Protecting a perimeter can be a daunting task, particularly when there’s no local power available. The edge can now be set even further as hybrid fiber consists of single or multi-mode fiber in the same jacket with copper wire. Extreme distances for power and data transmission can now be achieved in a single cable. Rack-mounted power supplies designed to push 56VDC at up to 120W on a single output means that a single 15W IP camera can receive power from a head-end that may be over 13,000 feet away. Hardened switching equipment designed to support multiple devices offers a cost-effective alternative that further expands the perimeter and improves the reach of security and surveillance.

Nothing can boost the profitability of a service department like the ability to control, monitor and report power over the network from anywhere. The aforementioned technology is enhanced by the ability to pre-emptively replace a failing device or potentially troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair a problem without rolling a truck. All of these solutions are designed to amplify the security and peace of mind of the customers we serve.

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Written by JR Andrews

National Sales Executive