Rack Mount NAC Power Extenders

NAC Power that is off the wall!

Altronix Rack Mount NAC Power Extenders are ideal for installations where wall space is limited or not an option, providing system designers flexibility when specifying fire alarm systems.

More Info:

  • R1002ULADA offers 2-Class A or 4-Class B outputs
  • R1042ULADA offers 4-Class A or 4-Class B outputs.

R1002ULADA Data Sheet    R1042ULADA Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Increase capacity with less space
  • Unique rack design streamlines deployment where wall space is not an option
  • Synchronizes with Potter/Amseco®, Gentex®, System Sensor® and CooperWheelock® notification appliances
  • Interface with virtually any Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)
  • Outputs can be independently programmed for steady, temporal code 3 or strobe synchronization, as well as repeating a specific signal utilizing Input to Output Follower Mode
  • Horn/strobe sync mode allows audible and visual notification appliances to be silenced at the same time
  • Signal circuit trouble memory helps identify intermittent loop and common problems
  • Built-in battery charging provides backup when coupled with RE2R rack mount battery enclosure which accommodates four 12VDC/7AH batteries