Enhancing Physical Security Systems with IP over Coax and Fiber Infrastructure

New advanced power and data transmission solutions utilizing coax or fiber cabling provide a natural migration to IP with extremely high cost-efficiency. In fact, this approach is miles ahead with seamless plug and play integration along with comprehensive remote monitoring, reporting, and control capabilities.


New Ethernet over Coax (EoC) media converters are the latest solutions that address the upgrade of analog to IP by repurposing coax cabling. Eliminating the need to rip and replace existing cabling to implement a networked system, EoC solutions deliver substantial savings. These media converters provide the additional benefit of providing both power and data over a single coax cable.

The continued evolution of Ethernet to Fiber media converters deliver even more flexibility for today’s advanced IP systems. For example, PoE injectors and switches with SFP ports enable devices to be deployed at greater distances with faster throughput. This allows the extension of physical IP security and surveillance devices far beyond coax and IP cabling, and the deployment of these solutions in areas where local power supplies don’t exist, or can’t easily be deployed. In fact, IP cameras and myriad other physical security devices can be deployed at distances over 5000’ while delivering power and data from the head-end utilizing hybrid single-mode fiber optic cable. This greatly extends the reach of perimeter security and increases situational awareness.

AdobeStock_183442910End User and Integrator Benefits

In addition to their inherent power and data transmission capabilities, new EoC and Ethernet to Fiber media converters with network communications allow preventative maintenance and service to be handled more accurately. Their collective attributes greatly improve security by ensuring continuous operations while providing the highest degree of cost-efficiency. In short, these new transmission solutions provide a holistic approach to physical security systems integration.

New EoC and Ethernet to Fiber media converters create additional business opportunities and a potential new source of RMR for integrators by enabling them to monitor real-time diagnostics over the network from virtually anywhere. Utilizing this data, service providers can quickly identify and mitigate potential and actual system issues prior to dispatching technicians – saving time, reducing expenses, increasing efficiency, and improving their customers’ overall security.